Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Translation industry events, University of Bristol, spring 2017

We've got two exciting industry-oriented events coming up at Bristol later this spring:

Language jobs in the United Nations system 
Teresa Lander
5.15pm, Thursday 30 March 2017

Link Room 2
3-5 Woodland Road
University of Bristol - Arts Complex

There are opportunities for more than just interpreters and translators in the United Nations. A whole range of other language professionals – editors, précis-writers, proofreaders – contribute to understanding between nations and the UN’s ideals of multilingualism. Come and find out more about the UN and opportunities for linguists. Advance registration is required, but the event is free - all are welcome!

Teresa Lander is a freelance translator, editor and report-writer, working mainly in the United Nations system. Her languages are French, Russian, German and Spanish to English. She also teaches editing and revision on the postgraduate Translation and Professional Language Skills course at the University of Bath.

More information and free online booking at: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/language-jobs-in-the-united-nations-system-tickets-32705826006

The Importance of Translation for UK-China Trade and Investment
Jonathan Smith

5.15pm, Wednesday 26 April 2017
Room G77A, Arts Complex (entry via 3-5 Woodland Road)
School of Modern Languages
University of Bristol

This event will highlight the many ways in which translation is a key aspect of business relationships between the UK and China. The talk will cover trade and investment links between China and the South West, the different factors that make China an attractive market for UK businesses, and the future of UK-China relations. There will be plenty of time for informal conversations over refreshments. Advance registration is required, but the event is free - all are welcome!

Jonathan Smith is Business West's Market Specialist for China, working primarily on the Extend Your Global Reach project. He has worked helping foreign companies of all sizes succeed in the China market through working at North Head, a boutique strategy consultancy in Beijing, and the China-Britain Business Council. He holds a masters degree from Peking University in International Relations and can speak Chinese. In his spare time Jonathan organises events for Sinophiles in Bristol.

More information and free online booking at: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/the-importance-of-translation-for-uk-china-trade-and-investment-tickets-32811830067

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