Monday, 5 August 2013

New issue of the Journal of Specialised Translation

Dear readers,

The latest issue of the Journal of Specialised Translation has hit the newsstands!

Issue 20 of this leading open access translation journal is a special issue on multimodality, co-edited by Carol O'Sullivan and Caterina Jeffcote at the University of Portsmouth. The issue covers a very wide range of multimodal problems and solutions in translation, and includes articles on term banks, accessible filmmaking, board games, museum audioguides, website localisation, dubbing, choral scores, book paratexts, Cosmo magazine, audiodescription and mobile accessibility for live performance. Something for everyone!

The issue also includes a short film, Joining the Dots, made by Pablo Romero Fresco to illustrate the challenges of accessible filmmaking. The film can be watched here.

The introduction, 'Multimodality as Challenge and Resource for Translation' can be read here or downloaded from the journal website as a pdf.