Sunday, 31 January 2010

Volunteer translation links

Hi all,

I regularly get asked by students about volunteer and pro-bono translation. It can be a good way to supplement freelance work and build experience, e.g. for the purposes of applying for membership of a professional organisation. Some of you might be interested in Translators Without Borders. They ask for translators with at least a couple of years' experience. It is also possible to volunteer as a translator or interpreter through IC Volunteers. They run an internship scheme in Geneva but also need translators online. Both organisations seem reputable.

If you decide you would like to do pro-bono or volunteer translation, it doesn't mean that you don't approach the work like a professional. You should still be asking most of the thirty-nine questions you should ask when undertaking a translation. The ITI have a very good page on pro-bono translation which I recommend reading carefully before taking on translation work of this kind. The ITI page also links to some useful opportunities - including the Olympics! (Oh yes, they're a-comin'.)

There is a tag in the left-hand menu of this blog for 'volunteer translation' which links to previous posts as well.

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