Saturday, 23 January 2010

Portsmouth Conference 2010: Translating Multimodalities

Dear all,

I have the pleasure to announce the call for papers for the 2010 Portsmouth translation conference. This year's conference is our tenth annual conference, and we are looking forward to a rich and full programme.

Conference Theme: Translating Multimodalities
Date: Saturday 6 November 2010
Place: Park Building, University of Portsmouth

Translation is usually about the printed word, but in today’s multimodal environment translators must take account of other signifying elements too. Words may interact with still and moving images, diagrams, music, typography or page layout. Multimodal meaningmaking is deployed for promotional, political, expressive and informative purposes which must be understood and accounted for by technical translators, literary translators, copywriters, subtitlers, localisers and other language professionals. The organisers of the tenth annual Portsmouth Translation Conference invite contributions from translation and interpreting professionals and scholars on the challenges posed to translators by multimodality. Topics might include, but are not limited to:

* Image and text: advertising, visual communication
* Technical writing, diagrams, layout and document design
* Illustration, bindings, typography and paratexts
* Comics, cartoons, graphic novels, intersemiotic translation
* Song, opera and music in translation
* (Poly)semiotic interferences and intertextualities
* Written to be spoken; the audiomedial text
* Performance, staging, movement; sign language interpreting
* Subtitling, dubbing, surtitling, mise-en-scène, audiodescription
* Translation, interpreting and non-verbal communication
* Multimodal spaces: museums, tourist sites, the World Wide Web

We welcome a broad range of approaches to translation (empirical, critical, pedagogical, technological, professional). Proposals for practical workshops are very welcome.

Enquiries and/or abstracts of 300 words should be sent to Carol O’Sullivan at carol.osullivan at by 30 June 2010. For updates on the conference see Selected proceedings from the conference will be published.

Whether you're a translator, a translation scholar or a Portsmouth student I hope you'll put the date in your diary and join us in November!


Greg McCall said...

There are also detailed studies on the efficacy of using Karaoke-style-subtitling for general literacy and reading growth in any language. See Same-Language-Subtitling use and studies at &
Adding Same-Language-Subtitling (always on, dynamic karaoke-style captioning) to all music video would be an affordable and effective way to impact world wide literacy levels.

sunny south coast said...

Thanks for the link Greg! :)