Friday, 19 August 2011

jobs in London and Brighton, FR-EN, EN-RU

Just seen two in-house jobs (tweeted by Uwe Muegge) which might interest readers:

A marketing agency in central London is looking for a French-English web translator to translate promotional materials for their British market. This could include:- promotions, newsletters, blogs, terms and conditions, gif/jpg banners. Basic knowledge of html needed. Photoshop CS2 and Dreamweaver would be an advantage.
You need to have British English to Mother tongue standard with excellent French skills.

Disney Interactive Media Group are recruiting in Brighton for an English-Russian translator and editor with a vocation to 'deliver Disney content to fans, whenever and wherever they want it, through numerous interactive media platforms'. Job description includes translation/editing of regular weekly content (e.g. newspapers, in-game catalogs, stage scripts), translation of blog posts, posting/reply to comments, retrieve and edit user-generated content, translate/edit out-of-game content on request.

Must have strong attention to detail, current knowledge of and interest in Russian popular culture, ability to prioritize and manage tasks, and be a solution-oriented creative thinker. Further details here

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