Monday, 1 August 2011

Bargain basement rates

Hmm. Looked around a bit at other translation jobs posted on the geekfreelancers site (see English-Japanese pharmaceutical translator wanted), because I hadn't come across it before (I saw the original ad somewhere else). It may be a great site, but there are some eye-wateringly low rates offered here, eek. (Peanuts, monkeys, labourers, hire etc.). I was forcibly reminded of Danilo Nogueira's and Kelli Semolini's lovely post We want a discount. Perhaps everyone should just print out and stick on the fridge door a copy of Marta Stelmaszak's pleasing response, No you're not getting a discount...

Or we could just enjoy this video, which never fails to amuse (it's not translation-specific but will ring bells with any freelance writer or content creator...):

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately also applies to painting and decorating. "I expected it to look like Michelangelo did it, so I'm not paying your rates"