Saturday, 13 November 2010

Practical hints and tips for translators

Behold, some accumulated links to hints and tips from the translation profession which may be of interest to readers.

On responding to enquiries from potential clients, see here. Here's a post on what rates to charge with some good advice; it focuses on Japanese to English translation but advice is valid for other language pairs too. There is a simple, free translation price calculator gizmo for download here. You might also be interested in this very good blog post on translation rates. Corinne McKay's blog generally has useful thoughts on the translation industry (see also her post on how to be a better proofreader and her freelance best practices checklist). More hints and tips on marketing, quoting and other matters at the NakedTranslations blog here.

There's a lot of information out there to help translators who are starting out (too much, in fact); you can get a start from the careers in translation tag on this blog which lists job and placement opportunities as well as advice on good practice and links to practical hints and tips available on the web.

For anyone wondering whether they are too young or too old to make it as a translator, have a look at this. Judy and Dagmar Jenner at TranslationTimes have a nice post with advice for people wondering whether the translation profession is right for them. 

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