Tuesday, 30 March 2010

job sites, placements and stuff

A few more placement and jobs ideas for those of you graduating this summer (see the jobs, careers in translation and work placement tags for older entries).

Try the keywords 'translation' and 'translator' on www.totaljobs.com or www.eurolondon.com/foreign-language-jobs.htm. The agency Synonyme are advertising for more experienced translators with an existing specialism to join their team. They ask for a translation test as well as an application form - the texts are under the 'Translator Zone' tag. Worth looking at! Other interesting resources there too.

The company SDL in Sheffield offers six-month placements to students whose *first language* is French, German, Italian, Dutch, European Spanish, Latin American Spanish or European Portuguese. They also have a jobsearch site with more internships advertised: go to their homepage and click on 'careers'.

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