Friday, 4 October 2013

Bristol students in translation news this week

It was a really nice start to the teaching year to find not one, but two of our students in the translation news this week.

Hayley Wood, a student on the MA in Translation, was commended by the judges in the Birkbeck/And Other Stories Sample Translation Competition for her translation from Alexandre Postel's Un homme effacé. The competition was a collaboration between the Birkbeck 'Use your language, use your English' translation summer school and the independent publisher And Other Stories. The judges were translators Ros Schwartz, Roland Glasser, Margaret Jull Costa and  Francisco Vilhena and editor Sophie Lewis. Warmest congratulations to Hayley! :)

Meanwhile Charis Fisher, a final-year undergraduate student in the School of Modern Languages, published a very interesting piece in the latest edition of The Linguist, the professional journal of the Chartered Institute of Linguists, which can be read online here.  

On her placement with UPS Translations this summer, Charis came across a scam (which was certainly a new one on me) whereby the CVs of professional translators are downloaded from online translation portals, the contact details are replaced, and the CVs are then submitted to translation agencies with the scammer's own email address and covering email. Charis was alerted by the odd inconsistencies between the very professionally-produced CVs and the poorly phrased and formatted covering emails. The article offers some practical hints to companies and to translators on how to protect themselves. For more on scams affecting translators, see the Proz scam alert board. Many congratulations to Charis too for making such good use of her placement and for this contribution to the translation community. 

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