Thursday, 28 July 2011

in-house translation jobs

For readers finishing off their dissertations and looking at the job market, a quick round-up of in-house translation posts and links. 

Seen on the ITI website: 

German to English fulltime experienced translator for a busy long-established language services company. English mother tongue, additional language and knowledge of finance/banking an advantage. Varied and interesting work in a friendly environment, with some travel abroad. Two minutes from underground in NW London. Applications with CV to info at, the blog for translators working with Japanese, has a jobs listing, e.g.  for translators  from Japanese into English, Italian and French, based in Frankfurt.

Mostra is advertising a very interesting-looking position for a German native speaker subtitling, translating and proofreading TV programmes and on line texts for EuroparlTV (the web television of the European Parliament).

thebigword are looking for a junior German to English in-house translator in West Yorkshire.

Xerox are looking for an English to French in-house translator, based in Welwyn Garden City. They are also looking for a Swedish translator, based in Slough.

SDL are advertising a number of translation positions at the moment including a German-English internship in Sheffield and a number of posts in Russia. See here for a full list of advertisements. 

There's a full-time in-house job going in Hampshire for a Norwegian native speaker. Come to think of it, apart from German, I think the Nordic languages are probably the ones I see most unfulfilled demand for. 

Some more ideas and possiblities at careerjet. Good luck to all jobseeking translation graduates!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Carol O'Sullivan. You have no idea how happy I am to have found your blog site. Do you know of any spanish to english in house translator jobs? Guess, I'm just not sure where to begin looking. All I find is freelance work and I'd like something much more stable.

sunny south coast said...

I don't at the moment, though feel free to have a look at the 'jobs' tag here - there are quite a few links to the standard language job sites. Unfortunately ES-EN isn't one of the most frequent combinations I see. We occasionally tweet job possibilities through our Twitter feed, @MATSnews, where these come up. Sorry not to be more help!

Anonymous said...

@ sunny south coast
Thanks for your quick reply. I definitely will check out the twitter feed and jobs tag. I appreciate your response!