Sunday, 5 June 2011

United Nations Language Outreach Portal


Any of you interested in a career as a linguist with the United Nations might be interested to see their new Language Outreach Portal, which gives details of what kinds of language posts are advertised (translators, interpreters, verbatim reporters etc.), how the competitive examinations work and how to prepare for them. They have a summer internship programme (see also here); recruitment for this year closed in April.


hind said...

Hello. I have been looking for a US university that offers a PhD in Translation Studies. Kent State University offers a good programme but I was wondering if there are other universities offering PhD degrees in Translation. Thank you very much

sunny south coast said...

Yes, KS has a good programme. I don't know the US programmes well, but ATISA, the American Translation and Interpreting Studies Association, might be able to advise further. UMass Amherst must surely have a PhD programme - I'd also look at Monterey and UT Dallas, Columbia, Princeton and Rochester, NY - not sure if they have PhD programmes but there's an interest in translation there. If you'd be interested in Canada as well you would have a bigger range of programmes, e.g. Concordia and Ottawa.