Thursday, 8 July 2010

jobs and due caution

Because it's job-hunting season for translation MA students, I thought I would post a few more sites worth browsing through (see below); but I also wanted to sound a note of caution about recent scams targeting translators. Be very, very careful before responding to unsolicited offers of work and check the background of any potential client/agency carefully. A number of professional associations and websites have blacklists, so make use of these. Tip of the day: if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Another couple of sites for translation job-hunters out there which seem to give useful results: the general portal (there is also a sister site for US-based jobseekers) and, which specialises in localisation. Bear in mind that many clients advertising through general portals don't seem to know the difference between a translator and an interpreter. An agency site that caught my eye is, (It's interesting to see how translation companies market themselves to freelancers using various forms of 'content' and, in this case, endorsements from previous translators, from some time ago now, suggesting that a widget is desirable that would 'feed' up-to-date endorsements to company websites...?). Experienced freelancers could also try here. Remember (a vague disclaimer is nobody's friend) that these are just suggestions, and mention on this blog doesn't constitute an endorsement of any kind. Caveat interpres.

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