Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Haitian Translation Challenge: French-English/French-Welsh, deadline 16 July 2010

Another very interesting translation challenge was launched by Translators' House Wales at the Hay literary festival the other day. The challenge is to translate an extract from the short story 'La folie était venue avec la pluie' by the Haitian writer Yanick Lahens into English or Welsh. The closing date for entries is July 16th 2010. The prize is a commission to translate the whole story, two nights' accommodation at Ty Newydd-Translators' House Wales (to be arranged with Ty Newydd) and the 2010 Bardic Staff.

The Bardic Staff - you know you want that. Another chance for aspiring literary translators to prove their mettle. The text for translation and more information are available here. Good luck to any of our readers who decide to give it a go!

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