Monday, 10 May 2010

Juvenes Translatores competition 2010

For any of you with children the right age or who are in touch with schools, advance warning of this year's competition:

The translation contest 'Juvenes Translatores' organised by the European Commission will take place for the fourth time on 23 November 2010. You can register from 1 September - 20 October on this site.

This round of the contest is aimed at secondary school pupils born in 1993 who want to test their translation skills. The pupils will be asked to translate a text of about one page from any of the EU's 23 official languages into any other official language.

The contributions will be evaluated by European Commission translators and the winners, one from each EU country, will be invited to Brussels in 2011 for an awards ceremony.

News on the contest as well as pictures and information from previous rounds are available on Facebook, and you can also follow Juvenes Translatores on Twitter.

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