Wednesday, 26 May 2010

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It's nearly June (how did that happen??). Anyhoo, a grab-bag of links for jobs, internships etc.

MO Group International is offering internships for native speakers of German, Spanish, Italian and possibly other languages. The Chicago- and Krakow-based translation company Argos Translations has a translation internship scheme. Two-month internships are available at the Krakow office to graduates from any of the Krakow universities. The L.A.-based company WordExpress offers internships in translation. Interesting to see what language combinations they are also recruiting freelancers for. For translation students and graduates in Canada, the 'wordsintransit' initiative may be of interest.

As usual, mention on the blog *does not* constitute an endorsement of any of these or other organisations. There are unscrupulous potential employers out there and placement-seekers should exercise due caution. I especially liked the unpaid internship ad which included among the tasks the intern would undertake 'Translations from Spanish into your mother tongue and vice versa and other languages'. Presumably to suit flexible, perfectly bilingual polyglot candidate of independent means... :)

Remember also the European Parliament translation traineeship scheme and the similar scheme run by the DGT of the European Commission (if you can find your way to the information you need - the website is not particularly easy to navigate).

A couple of other job links maybe worth keeping an eye on: and,

A volunteer translation opportunity:

I also see the UN are expecting to run a competition for English-language interpreters in winter 2010.

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