Thursday, 27 September 2012

translation research seminars in Edinburgh, Manchester and London

Those of our readers in the UK may be interested in some of the translation research seminar series taking place around the country. All are free of charge and open to everyone.

The seminar programme at the Centre for Translation and Intercultural Studies in Manchester is available here. Seminars begin on 4 October.

The joint Edinburgh/Heriot-Watt translation research seminar programme is as follows (no link to the website available):

Ian Mason, Professor Emeritus, Heriot-Watt University
Discourse and communities of practice in translating and interpreting
Wed., 26 Sept 2012, 4.30-6.00pm, Heriot-Watt University

Sandra Halverson, University of Bergen
Sharing and contesting concepts in Translation Studies
Wed., 10 Oct. 2012, 4.30-6.00pm, Heriot-Watt University

Loredana Polezzi, University of Warwick
Maps, texts and bodies: connecting translation and migration in today’s Europe
Wed., 31 Oct. 2012, 4.30-6.00pm, University of Edinburgh    

Piotr Blumczynski, Queen’s University Belfast
Translating religious and devotional texts: key words and ideological perspectives
Wed., 14 Nov. 2012, 4.30-6.00pm, University of Edinburgh

Clive Scott, University of East Anglia
The literary ambitions of literary translation
Wed., 16 Jan. 2013, 4.30-6.00pm, University of Edinburgh

Susan Hunston, University of Birmingham
Phraseology and evaluative language: issues in Corpus Linguistics
Wed., 30 Jan. 2013, 4.30-6.00pm, Heriot-Watt University

Pablo Romero Fresco, University of Roehampton
Joining the dots - accessible filmmaking
Wed., 13 Feb. 2013, 4.30-6.00pm, University of Edinburgh

Anne Martin, Universidad de Granada
Professional quality in court translation and interpreting in Spain
Wed., 27 Feb. 2013, 4.30-6.00pm, Heriot-Watt University

§  at University of Edinburgh: F21, 7 George Square (Psychology Building)
§  at Heriot Watt University: Lecture Theatre 3

The Centre for Research in Translation and Transcultural Studies at the University of Roehampton has also announced its seminar series for the autumn (no link to website available):

Wednesday 10th October, 6.30-8 pm, QB 146
Elleston Kajiwara-Airey ‎(Pole To Win)
"Project management and/in localisation"

Tuesday 16th October, 6-7 pm, QB 141
Daljit Kang (Roehampton University)
"Project management and entrepreneurship: things postgraduate students don't get taught but need to know"

Thursday 25th October, 6-7 pm, QB 141
Charlotte Bosseaux (University of Edinburgh)
"Uncanny encounters: conceptualising dubbing"

Tuesday 13 November, 6-7pm, QB 141
Marcella De Marco (London Metropolitan University)
Gender in Audiovisual Translation (exact title TBC)

Tuesday 27th November, 6-7 pm, QB 141
Roslyn Bottoni (Directorate General for Translation, European Commission)
"Working as an editor at the European Commission"

Thursday 6th December 6-7 pm room TBA
Carol O'Sullivan (University of Portsmouth)
Targeting audiences? Translation, language politics and DVD menu design

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