Wednesday, 20 April 2011

short courses in audiovisual translation, London

I sometimes get asked about possible short courses in subtitling/audiovisual translation. Here is a digest of some recent communications from the translation group at Imperial College London which may be of interest. 

Translation Group at Imperial College London
Saturday 14 May

There are still places available for the Advanced Subtitling workshop being held by the Translation Group at Imperial College on the 14th May. This is open to professionals as well as students.

Course Content

From the European Parliament to Walt Disney, from film dialogue to song: a hands-on workshop on interlingual subtitling. The course will start with a brief review of the main theoretical and practical issues concerning interlingual subtitling, as well as of the main features of the subtitling software in use (WinCAPS), as a reminder to those who participated in the previous workshop and an introduction to those who did not. This will be followed by a more hands-on workshop during which the participants will have the opportunity to work with a number of different audiovisual texts. 

Some of the time will be devoted to working on the English texts, practising segmentation, condensation and other relevant techniques, while some of the time will be devoted to their translation into the target language of choice. Depending on the language pairs chosen by the participants, some material might be provided in other languages for translation into English. Some time will be left at the end for questions. A list of useful websites and other sources of information will be given to all the participants.

Course Trainer
Adriana Tortoriello
Lecturer in Translation and Audiovisual Translation at Imperial College London

To apply for a place email Tom Barbanneau at t.barbanneau at 

There are also places left on the intensive summer courses in audiovisual translation in Polish, Italian and Spanish. These courses take place as follows:

English into Italian
4th - 29th July 2011

English into Polish
5th - 22nd July 2011

English into Spanish
5th - 29th July 2011

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