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Rome, 17 April: AITI workshop (Lazio section) on IT for translators

For readers in Italy, the AITI is holding a workshop on IT for translation which looks useful. The workshop leader is Jost Zetsche. The registration deadline is 10 April. Further details here:

L’ABC del computer 
per i traduttori professionisti

(The Computer ABC for Translation Professionals)

Domenica 17 aprile 2011

c/o Hotel Mercure Delta Colosseo – Via Labicana 144 -  Roma
La Sezione AITI Lazio è lieta di ospitare a Roma Jost Zetsche, un collega traduttore, famoso tra gli addetti ai lavori per la sua esperienza nelle tecnologie e soluzioni informatiche per la traduzione e la localizzazione: un vero Guru nel campo del software applicato alla traduzione e per i traduttori, speaker in tutti i più importanti convegni internazionali dedicati ai traduttori. I contenuti del seminario sono di sicuro interesse per tutti i traduttori che usano il computer, indipendentemente dal settore di lavoro.
Jost scrive di sé:
Jost is an EN>DE translator and a translation consultant and he likes to write about technical aspects of translation. He does that because he himself is very untechnical (ask his kids about his use of the TV remote control or a cell phone) but interested in the things that make him and others more productive -- and once he finds out he is good about explaining them. He lives in Oregon from where he publishes the Tool Kit, a technical newsletter for translation professionals. He has also written an ebook about how to use the computer most effectively as a translator, The Translator's Tool Box (currently in its 9th edition) and has partnered with some Italian folks in launching He is also good friends with the Patron Saint of the modern translator, Jeromobot.
Info su Jost disponibili su e "Jeromobot" è la simpatica e ironica mascotte creata da Jost che lo accompagna in ogni occasione.

Il seminario si terrà in inglese (ma il nostro socio Giuseppe Nuzzolese farà da interprete) e sarà videoregistrato su autorizzazione del relatore. È stato strutturato in due sessioni distinte per permettere ai soci di scegliere a quale sessione partecipare.
Sessione Mattutina (9.30 - 13.00) sugli strumenti informatici utili ai traduttori
Computers are complex creatures. They consist of an operating system that creates the platform on which most other programs run; large—and often expensive—applications for word processing, project tracking, and translation assistance; but also many thousands of smaller—often free programs—called utilities. Many utilities have very powerful capabilities that can make your life easier and more efficient. The first part of the workshop will focus on a selection of these utilities that are specifically helpful for translators. It will also offer tips on how to make sure that your (Windows) operating system is set up in a way that optimally supports multi-language handling and translation.
Sessione Pomeridiana (14.00 - 18.30) sui cat tool
The second part of the presentation will focus on computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools, which can be more accurately referred to as "translation environment tools." Attendees will see that tools like Trados, Déjà Vu, MemoQ, and OmegaT (or any of the other dozen-plus tools) are not only CAT tools, but truly have an environment that allows translators to also manage terminology, provide quality assurance, work in complex file formats, cooperate with others, and much more. Attendees will be provided with strategies to make a wise choice to use at least one of the numerous tools on the market and find the necessary training. This positive, fun-filled presentation is a necessary investment for your business as a translator.

Il seminario è eccezionalmente aperto anche ai non Soci AITI.  

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