Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Literary translation snippets

Two excellent pieces of literary translation news this week. Andotherstories, a grassroots, collaborative publisher which uses reading groups to identify and promote exciting new fiction, has released its first catalogue. It operates partly on a subscription model whereby you can subscribe to the next two or four books published, at a discounted rate. It is a brilliant way of supporting literary translation. At a time when arts funding in the UK is under tremendous strain, it's well worth supporting, by subscribing and/or by getting involved and joining one of the reading groups.

Speaking of the arts being under strain, I was happy to hear that funding for the British Centre for Literary Translation is safe. The BCLT has just announced the full line-up for this summer's literary translation summer school, which is one of the best hands-on translation events in the UK. It includes workshops into English from Arabic, Chinese, German, Japanese and Spanish, and into Italian from English. The BCLT is also involved in the imminent Literary Translation Centre at this year's London Book Fair which may be of interest to readers in or near London.

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