Tuesday, 7 September 2010

International Translation Day, London, 30 September

On 30 September, which savvy readers will know is the day of St. Jerome, patron saint of translators (see above), the FLOW festival in association with English PEN and the Literary Translation Centre of the London Book Fair is holding an International Translation Day Event:

How does a book make its way from an international author to an English-language reader? What are the joys of publishing literature in translation - and what are the obstacles? What can we do to increase the proportion of translated literature in the UK? Join us for a full day of events focused on literary translation. We will be hearing from some of the people who have done most to raise the profile of translation; discussing the future of funding for translation; and looking at the role of schools and universities in training the translators of the future. The symposium will provide a space for all those interested in the business of literary translation to network, share ideas and take these important debates forward.

I hope to go along and would as always love to meet up with any of our MA students who decide to attend.

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Jon, WorldAccent Translation said...

The English PEN event looks like an interesting day, and I might try to get along - work allowing. I like their idea of a translation "slam": an innovative and interesting way of exploring very real issues.

It's great that the theme of this year's International Translation Day celebrates the incredible diversity of language around the globe, and promotes ever-increasing scientific and cultural cooperation. As part of this year's celebrations, you might also be interested in our International Translation Day e-card produced to mark the day.