Thursday, 5 August 2010

open access translation journals

Since I'm getting around to revamping our website with new resource pages, I thought that a list of open-access translation journals might be of interest to readers. There are other good lists (see below); criteria for this list are that the journals be peer reviewed and all (or nearly all) open access. Suggestions of additional journals are very welcome.

Meta (one of the top journals in the field; recent issues are firewall-protected)
TTR (ditto)
Journal of Specialised Translation (a personal favourite)
TranscUlturAl (new but promising)
Transversal, published by the European Institute for Progressive Cultural Policy (some of the most interesting writing about translation on the web).

Quaderns: revista de traducció is a Catalan journal published by the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Other Iberian journals include Doletiana, *Trans, *1611: A Journal of Translation History, the *Revista de Lingüística y Lenguas Aplicadas, the *Revista tradumàtica : traducció i tecnologies de la informació i la comunicació and *MonTI (issues online six months after publication).

Italian journals include the irregularly updated Intralinea and the more literary La nota del traduttore - perhaps not strictly speaking a periodical but I like it and it's my list, so hey.

French journals include recent issues of **Palimpsestes at the open-access journals site. The sociolinguistics journal **Glottopol sometimes carries useful translation articles.

From Colombia, Mutatis Mutandis; from Australia,*Translation & Interpreting. The international journal of Translation and Interpreting Research (has stolen the honours for longest journal title), from India, Translation Today; from Slovakia the SKASE Journal of Translation and Interpretation (honourable mention for least intuitively designed website).

More specialist journals include the Journal of Translation on Bible translation. On pedagogy of translation and interpreting, the Revista Electrónica de Didáctica de la Traducción y la Interpretación.
New Voices in Classical Reception Studies does just what it says on the tin.

Nice to see that back issues of New Comparison, the journal of the British Comparative Literature Association, are now downloadable as pdf files here, including some issues on translation.

Mona Baker's site has a useful list which also includes subscription-only journals. Another list here at the EST website or see Intute for more ideas. Comments on broken links are appreciated, as are suggestions of other open-access scholarly journals.

*added on 11 October 2010.
**added on 22 October 2010.


Jon said...

Thanks! Very useful, even if distracting...

sunny south coast said...

We aim to divert! :)

Leanne said...

Any suggestions for German language journals?

sunny south coast said...

Hi Leanne,
You could try looking at the longer list of translation studies journals linked from here:
It's a Google spreadsheet and currently slightly in disorder but there are journals like trans-kom at which has some German context. If you have more suggestions I'd be happy to hear them - so far, some countries seem much better provided with open access journals than others...