Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Theo Hermans lecture, City University, London 20 June 2012

An interesting-sounding lecture for readers in the London area:

City University, London
Wednesday, 20 June 2012
6.30pm in Room A130
College Building, St John’s Street

Professor Theo Hermans
Centre for Intercultural Studies, UCL

Translation’s added value
Translations add value to the texts they represent because they communicate about these texts even as they represent them. Starting from examples which show translators voicing reservations about the works they are reproducing, I will suggest that all translation, whether dissonant or consonant or indifferent, has the translator’s value judgements inscribed in it. The model I propose views translation as reported speech, more particularly what Relevance Theory calls ‘echoic’ speech. It casts the translator’s intervention as the main communicative event, accounts for the shift in perspective characteristic of translation but leaves room for the translator’s subject position in the translated text.

Note from the organisers: 
The talk is followed by a reception and it would help us with organisation if you could click on to reserve a place and find directions.

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