Thursday, 24 May 2012

EU 2012 Language Industry Survey

Greetings to readers from Brussels where I have the good fortune to be attending the First Forum of the Language Industry Web Platform (LIND-Web) organised by the Directorate-General for Translation of the European Commission. LIND-Web is a platform which aims to be a knowledge base for the language industry in Europe. It operates on the basis of user-contributed content from industry stakeholders.

Users can browse or upload content in any EU language on areas of the language industry including:
  • translation services
  • interpreting services
  • subtitling and dubbing services
  • software localisation and website globalisation services
  • language technology tools development
  • international conference organisation
  • language teaching
  • linguistic consultancy
LINDWeb is running a survey to track developments in the European language industry.This survey is for language service providers operating wholly or partially within the EU. This includes companies, freelancers, associations and other bodies in the field of the language industry.

Please feel free to circulate the link to the survey here.  As we've just heard from Nino Platteel, we are desperately short of statistics about the language industry in the EU, so the more information that can be gathered, the better!

(Note: I don't find the LIND-Web search page helpfully designed but if you click 'Search All' there's a list of the documents downloadable from the website.)

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