Sunday, 29 April 2012

Panel proposals, European Society for Translation Studies Congress, Germersheim, 2013

There is still time to submit panel proposals, aka thematic sessions, for the 2013 EST Congress. The Congress takes place every three years; the general topic of the 2013 congress is 'Translation Studies: Centres and Peripheries'. It will be held from 29-31 August, 2013 in Germersheim, Germany (part of the University of Mainz). From the conference website:
Each thematic session should include at least three speakers and will be presented and conducted by a session moderator (or two co-moderators). Each session should be dedicated to a clearly defined topic related to the general topic of the conference and structured around a pre-determined set of questions, formulated by the session moderator. The moderator will be responsible for specific publicity concerning the session, inviting papers, selecting presenters, and proposing the list of selected presenters and abstracts for approval by the Scientific Committee. To submit a panel proposal, the moderator does not have to be a member of the EST.

If you would like to moderate or co-moderate a specific thematic session, please use the form below to submit a short description of the proposed session, indicating the theme and some possible speakers. The proposal should be of at least 500 words with five keywords. (You might like to cut-and-paste from a Word document.)

The deadline for panel proposals is tomorrow (30 April). The open call for papers will follow and abstracts will be due in autumn 2012. Just to emphasise that you don't have to be an EST member to submit a panel proposal!

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