Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Portsmouth training event Friday 27 January, and CPD in general

Just writing with a quick reminder that today is the last day for registration for Friday's training event on project management and quality assurance, led by Raisa McNab of STP Nordic. Venue: Park Building, University of Portsmouth. 

This got me thinking about CPD in general. There's something about the initials 'CPD' which is somehow doughy, leaden and dull. This is a pity because it refers to lots of things which are interesting, lively and informative.

This summer there are no less than three literary translation schools taking place. There is the long-running British Centre for Literary Translation Summer School in Norwich (22-28 July 2012) where there will be workshops from French, German, Spanish, Norwegian, Dutch and Japanese into English, and English into Italian.

The second Use your Language, Use Your English summer school will take place in London (9-13 July). It will feature workshops translating into English from Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish, as well as an editing skills course.

In Australia there is the Translation Transnation Literary Translation Winter School and Festival at Monash University (3-7 July) where the working languages will be Chinese, Japanese and Italian.

(I note with pleasure that Italian is the only language represented at all three summer schools. Proper order.)

Many professional associations run talks, one-off workshops and training webinars - we have been involved in the past with eCPD webinars who seem to have an excellent lineup. I see that they also offer a free webinar about CPD on a budget which I must take a look at. Many other organisations are also offering webinars; Twitter seems to be a good place to hear about them.

There are also many talks and presentations by literary translators on their work (for instance, I see in New York a series of seminars on reading translations run by no less than Edith Grossman).

Alas, New York is not an option for me right now, but this year my plan is to attend at least one webinar, and at least one 'live', place-specific training event. All suggestions of fun training events and seminars are welcome in the comments.

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