Tuesday, 6 December 2011

EST list of translation journals

For anyone looking for information about translation and interpreting journals, the European Society for Translation Studies has published a freely editable, updatable list of journals in Google Doc form. This is meant to be a resource for the international translation and interpreting research community. Please feel free to add journals, amend errors and update information. Queries should be addressed to carol.osullivan at port.ac.uk. (Warm thanks to Alice Colombo and Jonathan Evans for their generous help with compiling the list).

UPDATE August 2012: Just to say that the list is no longer freely editable because there were some unfortunate editing hiccups which led to information having to be re-entered. If you would like to change information on the list, add a publication etc. please contact carol.osullivan at port.ac.uk. 

Photo caption: Carl Spitzweg, Der Bücherwurm [The Bookworm]

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Megan Onions said...

This is a great resource for translation and language enthusiasts. Thank you for highlighting it!