Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Registration open for 'Translation and Memory', the eleventh Portsmouth translation conference.

Dear all, 

I am delighted to announce that online registration is now open for our eleventh translation conference:

Translation and Memory

In collaboration with the British Comparative Literature Association

Saturday 5 November 2011
Park Building, University of Portsmouth

Plenary speakers: Professor Bella Brodzki (Sarah Lawrence College, New York)
Dr Siobhan Brownlie (CTIS, University of Manchester)
Dr Ayman El-Desouky (School of Oriental and African Studies)

Memory and translation exist in a set of metaphorical relationships. Translation is how works live on, how they transcend borders and are remembered by subsequent generations. Memory itself can be considered a kind of translation inasmuch as it carries meaning across from one time and place to another. In translation and interpreting, text and speech are disarticulated and reconstituted, re-membered, in a different form. The translator's own memory, and its prosthesis in TM software, are key tools in the task of translation. These and other aspects of translation and memory are the topic of this year's Portsmouth Translation Conference.

The programme, abstracts and online registration link are at Enquiries should be addressed to Undergraduate students and teachers at secondary level may attend without charge (supported by the National Network for Translation, a Routes into Languages initiative).

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