Monday, 23 May 2011

more career opportunities

If you feel stifled (or watched unnervingly from across the table) in your current job but don't feel a new career in interpreting is for you, well, there are some toothsome-looking career opportunities adorning the ITI's website.

CPW Group is looking for a French-English financial translator for its London office;

bmp translations in Basel, Switzerland is looking for a German-English and French-English translator (further languages an advantage) with experience in technical/engineering, banking/financial or pharmaceutical/
medical fields.

Siemens is also hiring for a German-English technical translator in Offenbach.

The website of the Bundesverband der Dolmetscher und Übersetzer also lists a number of jobs and placements (click on 'Aktuelles') for translators with German.

Coincidentally (or not!) the University of Salford are also looking for a Lecturer in German who can teach translation at undergraduate and postgraduate levels (deadline 7 June).

Is it just me, or is there a beautiful synergy here...?


Anonymous said...

I am based in London and I have been looking for a job as an intern for some time now . Could not find one. My language combination is English-Arabic. Any ideas how I could go about this? Thank you

sunny south coast said...

Hi Anonymous (do feel free to post with your 'real handle' on here - you are among friends!),
Nobody has a magic answer to this. It tends in my experience to come down to energy, persistence and attention to detail as well as ability. You could start by researching reputable companies in your region, e.g. via the website of the Association of Translation Companies ( Look for companies for which you think your skill set/language combination would be a good fit. Contact the companies directly (to a named contact if possible), personalising your covering email and making sure it and your resume are impeccable. Don't just focus on translation; underline any experience you have relevant to project management or editing/revision. For more advice on putting together a good resume see If building up translation experience is a priority for you, you could also try one of the many opportunities for pro bono translation out there (see the 'volunteer translation' tag on this blog for instance). Good luck!