Thursday, 30 December 2010

CFP: Extratext, paratext and metatext in translation, Newcastle September 2011

An interesting CFP:

We are pleased to announce an International Conference to be held on 8th - 9th September 2011 at Newcastle University School of Modern Languages. This is one of a series of events which will be held to celebrate the centenary of Modern Languages at Newcastle University. The theme of the conference is

'Text, Extra-text, Meta-text, and Para-text in Translation and Interpreting'

For this ground-breaking conference we invite papers on the implications of the texts (including graphics) which surround and support translations and interpreting. We welcome contrastive, comparative, analytical and critical studies of any aspect of text, extra-text, meta-text, and para-text attached to or applied to translation and interpreting.  This includes preface, foreword, epilogue, postscript, footnotes, endnotes, bio-notes, internal and external illustration, blurb, review, and publicity, layout, book jackets, and illustrations which accompany and affect translation or interpreting. Any language pair will be considered, and any areas we have not thought of will be doubly welcome. We envisage four parallel panels: 1. Extra-text in Translation; 2. Meta-text in Translation; 3. Para-text in Translation; 4. Extra-text, Meta-text and Para-text in Interpreting.

Please send your abstract of not more than 250 words to Valerie.Pellatt at by March 31st 2011.
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