Friday, 26 February 2010

Conference on translation, interpreting and the social, Manchester, 5 May

There's an interesting-looking conference coming up on translation and the social. Would also be of interest to Portsmouth MA students planning on taking the unit Translating History. (Tip: several of the speakers will be on your reading list...)

Going Social? Potentials and Paradoxes of the Sociological Study of Translation/Interpreting

A one-day symposium

5 May 2010 9.30-4.30
School of Languages, University of Salford

This one-day event seeks to critically engage with what has been achieved in the ‘social turn’ in translation studies and the potentials and paradoxes it involves, and in particular:

· The conceptual, theoretical and methodological orientations that sets the ‘social turn’ apart from earlier ‘turns’ in translation studies
· How the ‘social’ is delineated by the sociological approaches to translation
· What theoretical and methodological links have been forged between the sociological approaches and the two main methodologies in translation studies, i.e. the 'empirical' and the 'hermeneutic'?
· Sociological research in translation has so far been grounded on the work of a number of sociologists, including Bourdieu, Niklas Luhmann and Bruno Latour. What insights have been provided by their work and to what extent have these insights contributed to a better understanding of translation/interpreting phenomena?
· What are the theoretical and methodological limitations of sociologies of translation? Can these limitations be addressed by recourse to other disciplines?
· What potentials do the sociological approaches have for translation historiography?
· What contribution sociological approaches to interpreting studies have made to the illumination of aspects of social theory (e.g. human time-space geography; human embodiment) and even social policy?

Mona Baker, University of Manchester
Sameh Hanna, University of Salford
Theo Hermans, University College London
Moira Inghilleri, University College London
Rebecca Tipton, University of Salford
Michaela Wolf, University of Graz (Austria)

Venue: Mary Seacole G21
Time: Registration and refreshments 9.30 am
Registration fee (including lunch and refreshments): £30 (£20 for students).
Registration deadline: 30th March, 2010

Registration form is available at: or contact Mrs Debbie Hughes at

For more information, please visit:

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