Wednesday, 8 October 2008

call for literary translations

Dear all,
Those of you with an unpublished literary translation in the drawer might be interested in the following call for papers (skip down to the bit where it talks about the unpublished translations!)

Call for Submissions
Translation Volume III: Territorialities: The Place of Translation

Translation, the Translation Studies journal from the University of California, Santa Barbara is now accepting submissions of scholarly articles that address questions of how and why literary translation can create or destabilize notions of physical place, territoriality, nationality and geographical identity. What operations does the text undergo, what are the motivations that spur literary translation, what are the politics of dissemination that govern our experience of literature through translation and enable us to cross borders, both real and imaginary?

We encourage critical reflection on individual translations, on the art of translation, and on the literary and political issues that surround translation practices. As always, for our Translation Section we welcome original translations from both new and established translators of poetry or short fiction, that may engage notions of space, territoriality and border-crossing.
We will also consider the translation of scholarly articles into English.

Essays should be between 15-25 pages, and adhere to current MLA standards.
Please submit your article in MLA format, with title, but no name in the body of the text. On a separate sheet, please include the title of your article, your name, contact information, and a brief biographical paragraph.

Only previously unpublished translations will be accepted. Translators must obtain necessary permissions for translation of texts prior to submission, and will be expected to assist in obtaining permission for publication of originals in the case of poetry.
Submissions without accompanying permissions will not be considered.

Please submit your translations with a title, but no name in the body of the text. On a separate sheet, please include the title of your submission(s), your name, contact information, and a brief biographical paragraph.
In addition to your biographical sheet, please include a brief bio of the translated author, and a reflection on their work and the challenges of its translation, for an international English speaking audience.

Poetry submissions should be limited to 3 per entrant. Poetry translations may be to or from English and should be submitted along with the original text for side-by-side publication.
For short fiction submissions, 7-10 pages is the preferred length.
For translated scholarly articles, the 15-25 page guideline is the same.
We also welcome excerpts from larger works in progress, (theater, novel, short story collections) as long as proper permissions are obtained prior to submission.

As a non-profit, scholarly journal, we cannot offer payment for submissions.

Submissions will be accepted electronically through January 10, 2009
Updates can be found at our website:

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