Monday, 20 March 2017

Peter Bush seminar added to spring lineup of Bristol translation events :)

It's turned into a bit of an exciting spring for translation events at Bristol. Not only do we have Don Share's visit at the end of the month, and two talks on language jobs in the UN and translation in UK-China trade, but I have just been notified about a seminar on Catalan literary translation taking place this Wednesday 22 March, featuring one of the UK's most respected and widely-published literary translators, Peter Bush:

"La traducció literària del català a l'anglès: Pa negre i alters obres" / 
"Catalan translation from Catalan into English: Black bread and other books". 

Peter Bush (Catalan-English translator): 
Wednesday 22nd March, 14.10-15.40, 12 Woodland Rd, 1G5.

I think you need a current University card to access this venue. Please address any queries to the organiser at marc.comadran at  

Peter Bush is a freelance literary translator and scholar who lives in Oxford. He has translated fifteen works from Catalan by authors such as Empar Moliner, Najat El Hachmi, Quim Monzó, Josep Pla, Mercè Rodoreda, Joan Sales, Teresa Solana and Emili Teixidor. His translation of Pla´s The Gray Notebook won the 2014 Ramon Llull Literary Translation Prize and he was awarded the Creu de Sant Jordi in 2015 for his translation and promotion of Catalan literature. He has also won awards for his translations from Portuguese and Spanish. He has translated work by Carmen Boullosa,  Juan Goytisolo, Juan Carlos Onetti, Leonardo Padura and Senel Paz and a number of classics including Celestina and Tyrant Banderas. His most recent translation from French is In Praise of Love by Alain Badiou.
For more information on Peter Bush see his Wikipedia page. Readers who have taken my classes in the past may be familiar with some of Peter's writings on translation including this excellent essay looking at different drafts of one of his Goytisolo translations (may download directly as a pdf). 

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