Sunday, 29 January 2017

Poems about Translation 27: Robo-Burns; The Orfeon Translates (from Bill Herbert)

This poem for Burns Night may be slightly cheating because Burns Night is just past,  but it cheered me up so much that I wanted to share it anyway. It's not strictly speaking a poem about translation, but the whole post can be considered a poetic reflection on translation, if I squint...

The three texts represented are the Scots poem by Bill Herbert 'Rabbie, Rabbie, Burning Bright'; an translation into Bulgarian by Kristin Dimitrova, and a back-translation from Bulgarian into English by Facebook Autotranslate.  They are in reverse order, so you might like to start by scrolling up from the bottom of the page.

P.S. For a previous Burns Night post in this series, see no.21, 'Robert Burns on the Translator as Assassin'.

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