Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Jean-François Cornu, film translation researcher, translator, subtitler

We are delighted to announce a visit to Bristol by Dr Jean-François Cornu, distinguished researcher in film translation, translator and subtitler.

Dr Cornu will give two talks. The first is a research seminar:

Principles for a historiography of film translation

Tuesday 24 March 2015

University of Bristol, Woodland Road, BS8
Arts Complex LR8, 5.15-7pm
(Entrance for external visitors via 3-5 Woodland Rd)
There is film history, and there is translation history. But is there such a thing as film translation history? Whether we call it film translation, screen translation, or audiovisual translation, this particular form of translation does have a history, which remains largely unexplored to this day.
This talk will try to define what film translation is, when it started, whether it belongs to any existing field of research or is a field in its own right. It will include a number of film clips and will suggest some principles for a historiography of film translation. 

The lecture will be delivered in English. Followed by a glass of wine! All welcome.

The second talk is entitled:

Aesthetics and the nuts and bolts of subtitling

This session will use film clips to focus on practical subtitling issues including layout and the relationship between subtitles and the other codes of the film.

Wednesday 25 March
43 Woodland Road, LR2, 12 noon-1pm

Dr Jean-François Cornu is a professional translator specialising in subtitling and the translation from English into French of books on cinema and art. A former Senior Lecturer at the University of Rennes-2, France, he is now an independent film researcher. In 2014, he published the monograph Le doublage et le sous-titrage: histoire et esthétique [Dubbing and subtitling: history and aesthetics] (Presses universitaires de Rennes). He is a co-editor of the e-journal L’Écran traduit.
For more information on Dr Cornu, please see this filmed interview in the Journal of Specialised Translation. 

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