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'Translation in History' lecture series, London, spring 2013

Translation in History Lecture SeriesUniversity College LondonJanuary - March 2013Each of our distinguished guest speakers will explore the role of key figures and movements in specific historical contexts, including Classical translation, the ‘Toledo School’ of translators, Early Modern translation, Dryden’s translation practice, and the German Romantic tradition. The series therefore provides a chronological and multidisciplinary examination of the historical development of the theory and practice of translation, of interest to students of translation, language and literature in a variety of disciplines. Further details of the speakers and lectures are available on our website:

All events take place from 6 to 7.30 pm at the Christopher Ingold XLG2 Auditorium, 20 Gordon Street, London WC1H 0AJ. Supported by the UCL Faculty Institute of Graduate Studies.Events are free and open to all. Booking is recommended, see For information, please do not hesitate to contact the convenors, Geraldine Brodie ( or Dorota Goluch (

17 January 2013 (Thursday): Professor Lorna Hardwick (Open University): Hot Spots in a Love/Hate Relationship: Conflict and Conversation between Greek and Roman Texts and their Translators. Info and booking:

31 January 2013 (Thursday): Ruggiero Pergola (Imperial College): Apud Urbem Toletanam in Capella Sanctae Trinitatis: Medieval Translators in Spain and the Toledo Affair. Info and booking:

21 February 2013 (Thursday): Professor Theo Hermans (UCL): Early Modern Translation: Etienne Dolet and the Humanist Temper. Info and booking:

7 March 2013 (Thursday): Professor David Hopkins (University of Bristol): John Dryden's Theory and Practice of Translation. Info and booking:

21 March 2013 (Thursday): Alison Martin (University of Reading): "A Cosmopolitan Centre for Mankind": Translation in the German Romantic Tradition. Info and booking:
For more information, please contact Geraldine Brodie at and Dorota Goluch at

Dr Geraldine Brodie
UCL School of European Languages, Culture and Society

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