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Reminder CFP: Translating Multimodalities (special issue of Journal of Specialised Translation)

A reminder for anyone considering a submission to issue 20 of the Journal of Specialised Translation, a special issue on translating multimodality. 

"Image, Music, Text…?" Translating Multimodalities
Issue n° 20 January 2013
Edited by Margaret Clarke, Caterina Jeffcote and Carol O’Sullivan

JoSTrans is an electronic, peer-reviewed journal bringing non-literary translation issues to the fore. Published bi-annually, it includes articles, reviews and streamed interviews by translation scholars and professionals.

The Journal of Specialised Translation will publish a special issue on translation and multimodality in 2013. Translation is usually thought of as being about the printed word, but in today’s multimodal environment translators must take account of other signifying elements too. Words may interact with still and moving images, diagrams, music, typography or page layout. Multimodal meaning-making is deployed for promotional, political, expressive and informative purposes which must be understood and accounted for by technical translators, literary translators, copywriters, subtitlers, localisers and other language professionals.

Contributions are invited on any aspect of the area. Suggested topics might relate to, but are not limited to:
  •        Image and text: advertising, visual communication
  •        Technical writing, diagrams, layout and document design
  •        Illustration, bindings, typography and paratexts
  •        Comics, cartoons, graphic novels, intersemiotic translation
  •        Song, opera and music in translation
  •        (Poly)semiotic interferences and intertextualities
  •        Written to be spoken; the audiomedial text
  •        Performance, staging, movement; sign language interpreting
  •        Subtitling, dubbing, surtitling, mise-en-scène, audiodescription, game localisation
  •        Paralinguistic issues and non-verbal communication
  •        Multimodal spaces: museums, tourist sites, the World Wide Web

We welcome a broad range of approaches to translation, including presentations with an empirical, critical, pedagogical, technological or professional focus.

We welcome contributions of full length papers and shorter, more practical pieces for the Translator's Corner section of the Journal.

The editors of this special issue are Margaret Clarke, Caterina Jeffcote and Carol O'Sullivan
All contributions, articles (up to 7000 words), reviews (500-800 words), and shorter pieces are to be sent to margaret.clarke at by 1 April 2012.

The journal style sheet can be downloaded from

Image credit: Thanks to Randall Munroe for the citation from his cartoon 'The Voynich Manuscript' at

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