Monday, 12 April 2010

volunteer translation opportunities

I regularly get asked by students for details of pro-bono translation opportunities. I've posted suggestions elsewhere on the blog but here are a couple more. In addition, googling "volunteer translation" will turn up a host of possibilities. Note that mention of organisations on this blog does not constitute an endorsement. Volunteering is a part of social activism in general and you may find translation opportunities through organisations and causes to which you already subscribe.

The social entrepreneurship organisation Ashoka seems to be looking for volunteer translators on an ongoing basis (click here). Some more suggestions on an old blog post here. The Olympics organisers in London are looking for volunteers including linguists. The organisation Translations for Progress includes a number of our course languages and may be of interest. One of the best-known volunteer translation and interpreting organisations is Babels. The organisation TED has an open call for volunteers to subtitle short video talks. One attractive feature of TED is that it seems to have a robust quality review process. Perhaps of interest to students taking the subtitling unit.

Remember that whether or not you are working pro bono, you are still a professional!

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